Inspired by the LEGO® Architecture and LEGO® Creator Expert lines, and by the works of in particular Spencer Rezkalla and Rocco Buttliere, I started designing and building my own architectural models over the couple of years. I have designed models in different scales (due to practical and economical reasons). Nonetheless I do have a fixed set of scales I work with because I like to be able to compare scale between building.

I use 1:160 scale (also known as N scale) for monuments, bell towers, church towers etc. because of the ability to add great detail. 10253 Big Ben and 21042 Statue of Liberty are examples of official LEGO® sets to approximately this scale.

I use 1:1000 scale for the new Skyscraper Collection so you are able to build great models without having to spend a fortune on bricks. 21019 Eiffel Tower is an example of an official LEGO® set to approximately this scale.

Because keeping al models to myself is no fun I am releasing some models for everyone to build. I do ask for a (very small) compensation for the instructions however because of the time, effort and money I put into designing those models. I own the copyright to all my models and reselling or sharing them without my consent is not allowed.

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